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Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription & Trade FAQ's (also visit: http://ibnguide.blogspot.in/ for more details)
Frequently asked questions on Our Services & Subscription:
1. How much margin money is required to trade with your calls in various packs?

IBN Services works for you to make maximum profits out of stock market:  your support and prompt action is required to trade along with us and get much profits in our trading calls:
Gold Pack – You should have a min of Rs. 4--6 lakhs to trade with our calls in Gold Pack (1 Lot each).
Pack-1 - You should have a min of Rs. 2--4 lakhs to trade with our calls in Pack-1 (1 Lot each call).
BTST / Nifty You should have a min of Rs. 1Lakh--2 lakh to trade with our calls in BTST / Nifty Pack.

 Positional Pack You should have a min of Rs. 2--3 lakh to trade with our calls in Positional Calls.
The margin money is decided by the exchange; kindly contact your broker for further details on same.

*Kindly co-relate the margin requirement from your broker & exchange from time to time. The above given margin requirement are an estimate and not necessarily the exact figure.
2. When to book profits if I trade in 1 Lot or Small quantity?
We advise to book profits when we write ‘Book Partial’ or ‘Book 50%’, which are considered safe to book profits and earn, for trader who are trading in small quantity or 1-Lot.
Our target 1 gives minimum profits of approx. 1--2% (Rs. 3500--5000 per lot) gain in the stock prices, which is quite good.
Ex: Suppose A stock trade at Rs. 100 where we give buy call with price Target as 102—104; we ask to book partial at Target-1 at 102 which is low risk for small traders and they should book profits at this level and wait for another call.
3. How many trading days will I get with Weekly/ Monthly/ Quarterly Subscription?
We count calendar week/ month/ Quarter with our Subscription packages. In a week you get 5 trading sessions; In 1 month you get 30/ 31 calendar days (Ex.: suppose your services starts on 22nd of June, then it will expire on 21st of July, where both days will be inclusive); In Quarterly Subscription it will same as monthly where the days will counted on 3 calendar months basis.
4. What is the format of the call (Sample of the call) & how to understand various words?
Format: BUY ABC FUT AT 204 (CMP 204.10) SL BEL 202 TGT 208 AND 210.
Please check NSE website for the list of derivatives traded.

1. ABC is the stock name to be traded with (mostly we give calls trading in derivative segments).
2. FUT means Future (Derivative) of the stock traded.
3. CMP means the Current Market Price where the stock is trading in the exchange.
4. SL means Stop Loss, which should be maintained while trading and minimizing your losses. if the stocks breaks the point given then either you can wait for our message or exit at that time.
5. BEL means Below the given value.
6. TGT means Target; We give multiple targets where 1st Tgt is minimum 1--2% gain from CMP, then followed by 2nd Tgt which is 1%--2% rise from 1st Tgt and thereon.
7. BUY CASH ACCORD means the customer who trade in cash segment can trade the stock with the trading levels of the FUT.
5. Will I get assistance for News Letters or Other Packs Subscription during trading hours?
We do not provide any assistance for News Letter Packs during Trading hours (9:15AM—3:30PM), but we do provide chat facilities for same between 7PM—9PM same day on Yahoo Messenger. Intra-day traders can chat on messenger or call us on 91-9899-90-9899 during market hours for their positions.
6. How can I subscribe to various Packs & how many days will take for activation of the services?
You can subscribe to Our services by any one of the following means:
  • Visiting: http://ibnservices.blogspot.com and going to the Stock or Commodity section on top menu.
  • Calling up our Customer Care  and requesting subscription for various packs. Our Customer Care representatives will give details of the pack according to your requirement and guide you the procedure to avail the services for same.
  • You can also Call us on: 91-9899909899 or 91-9968443444 between 9:30AM--6PM (Mon-Fri) or Write us on: info@ibnservices.in or ibnservices@gmail.com .
7. Are there any other prerequisites for availing of the Services with you?
For availing our services you should have following: Demat Account active with registered broker, Mobile connection without DND activation (for SMS services), Yahoo/ GTalk messenger id (for chat services), E-mail id (for News Letters). Pls make sure we are not blocked in your e-mail.
8. Do I need to open a demat a/c with you or any registered broker to trade with your calls?
You should have a trading a/c with any registered broker (in India) pre-activated to trade with F&O. The demat & trading a/c is mandatory before taking our services.
9. Do I need a special phone for SMS services?
No, all you require is a normal GSM / CDMA mobile phone to receive Mobile Alerts. The CDMA mobile phone service provider should have activated the SMS facility for you to avail of our Mobile Alerts. Kindly check your mobile number is not registered for DND (http://www.nccptrai.gov.in/nccpregistry/search.misc) before subscribing to our services through SMS.
10. How much time it takes for delivery of the SMS on our Mobile?
As per our service provider (http://www.smsjunction.com/) or Mobile Operator, We have max delay of 10 seconds for SMS delivery, but it depends upon your service provider for delivery of the same. The network congestion or interruption can delay in the delivery of SMS, which is beyond our limit (We prefer to subscribe for both SMS & Messenger alerts for better trading).
11. What details do I send you after making the payment for your services & where to send?
Either you can register through our website: http://ibnreg.blogspot.in/

Alternatively, You should send us following details after you have made the payment for our services: Full Name, Full Address, Phone/ Mobile No., E-Mail id, Yahoo/GTalk id, Service required on: Messenger (Yahoo/GTalk Messenger) or SMS, Pack/ Services subscribed for, Amount Paid (with name of the Bank: ICICI), Mode of Payment, Date of Payment, Transaction Details, Broker with whom demat A/c held. Send these details on info@ibnservices.in and copy to ibnservices@gmail.com .
For Subscription, please fill and submit the Customer Registration Form  mentioned on our website.

12. How many intra-day trading calls will be open in any point of time and how to proceed with next calls and so on?
We give 4--6 intra-day calls during day trading session & 1-2 BTST/STBT (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) at last hour of trading session (around 2:30—3:20PM). We also give 1--2 positional calls (Positional Pack) for short period of time which are additional calls. We also give Nifty/ Bank Nifty calls to Gold Pack & Nifty Pack subscribers. Some of the time Nifty calls are given to other subscribers too.
During trading session At any point of time 2--3 stock calls are open (only for traders who book profits regularly on Target-1). When any one of the call meets Traget-1 then we proceed on to the next call and so on. However we continue with other Targets with our previous open calls for those traders who trade in bulk and who has good margin exposures. Visit: http://nse-bse.blogspot.com for details & examine the procedure of the calls for Intra-Day trades.
13. What should I do if I change my mobile phone number or E-mail or Messenger id?
For Change in E-mail id/ Phone No./ Messenger id you should send an e-mail on info@ibnservices.in and copy to ibnservices@gmail.com for same , We will update the same for services. But the changes are allowed only once in a month with valid reason for same.
14. If I need assistance on my holding positions or other market queries then how & when to contact?
Regarding your queries related to holding positions you can chat with us on our messenger id mentioned below. During trading hours your 1-2 queries, related to intra-day/ BTST/ Nifty positions can be answered through messenger or phone. You can chat with us between 7pm--9pm for any holding positions or market related views.
15. What should l do if I have more queries regarding your subscription packs or services?
If you have any queries for the Subscription & Services, you may write to the E-mail id: info@ibnservices.in and copy to ibnservices@gmail.com  for more information. You can also submit the contact us link on our website: www.ibnservices.in, or Call us on: 91-9899909899, 9968443444. You can also chat with us on Yahoo/GTalk id on: ibnservicesdelhi

 Our Websites/ Contact Details/ E-mail/ Messenger id:
http://nse-bse.blogspot.com/ For performance of our calls & formats of live call.
* Phone Nos.: 91-9899909899 OR 9968443444 OR 9311353399
*  Messenger id: Yahoo OR GTalk: ibnservicesdelhi